Once a marcelian
always a marcelian

  • Pascal Nessim

    Pascal Nessim

    “Marcel is probably one of the biggest concentrations of talent in France. Our role as managers is to put this collective in the best possible conditions to bring you the best of a creative agency. And there's no secret about it : to come up with bold ideas, talent alone isn't enough. You also need motivation, confidence and a strong team spirit. That's one of the keys to this collective's success.”

  • Youri <br class="mobile tablet" />Guerassimov


    Ceo & Chief Creative Officer

    “All our decisions are made with a single filter : will it improve the quality of the finished product or not ? For us, creativity is as much a choice of passion as a choice of reason. Because we're convinced that a great idea adds great value to our customers' business.”

  • Gaëtan <br class="mobile tablet" />du Peloux

    du Peloux

    Ceo & Chief Creative Officer

    “Marcel is the creative hot shop of the Publicis group. This means that we're a human-scale agency that puts creative excellence at the heart of everything we do. We like to think of ourselves as a group of artisans, as a French creative house that aggregates talent, expertise and personalities from all walks of life, with a single goal: product quality.”

  • blandine <br class="tablet" />mercier


    General Manager

    “Marcel is not a recipe, it's a culture. A collective culture that relies on a liquid organization built around singular talents who mobilize, on a daily basis, to ensure that bold ideas exist.”

  • benjamin taïeb

    benjamin taïeb
    General Manager

    “Marcel is a fundamentally different creative agency because it was born out of digital culture. This allows us to work in a more collaborative, diversified and integrated way, with specific expertise in social media, brand content, amplification, rp, influence and gaming.”

  • Léoda esteve

    Léoda esteve
    General Manager

    “At Marcel, we deeply believe in the power of creativity and its transformative potential. We are all enthusiasts, obsessed with the idea of finding ideas that will never go unnoticed, that change things and won’t fall into the « meh » section. For that, we need brave and ambitious partner brands who share this same belief.”

  • Ghislain <br class="mobile tablet" />Tenneson


    Chief Strategy Officer

    “There can be no creative audacity without strategic audacity. We were born questioning traditional approaches to brand building. This challenger culture we pass on to our customers to navigate the major societal, environmental and digital changes they face.”